Your Pro Profile is your Calling Card to promote  yourself and market your business to local riders looking to book  scheduled rides. It is a place to display and verify your driver      credentials, compliance, certifications and achievements A Pro Profile Sets you apart as a professional, with      credibility. Your Profile Allows you to start booking and building a      sustainable and consistent business

Your Profile Allows you to receive exclusive membership      perks, training, support and education, updates and keep current on      industry information.

The Power PROfile offers so many benefits and features that give rideshare drivers the edge in the  new marketplace

  • PROFILE: share your Bio, multiple photos,   your credentials and compliance status     
  • GEO LISTING: your profile will populate   on google maps based on your home   or preferred driving zip code
  • CHAT & MEET TOOL: get the conversation   going to help your riders plan their trips  , get to know your new customers  , meet them in person at local spots  
  • E-BIZ CARD TOOL: share and promote   your profile, start building your customer base     
  • RIDEBOOKER TOOL: we connect you to many   great new SCHEDULED RIDES BOOKING APPS   and PLATFORMS
  • THE HUB TOOL: this is the connection source to the support team, industry information, local community updates and more.





The RAD Directory is the premier connection to rideshare drivers in the US. The directory will be marketed on all major social media platforms.


  • Post it on Social Media
  • Join Local Meet-Up to connect with new customers
    In your Day to day activities: 
  • Local places you frequent like work
  • at the coffee shop
  • the market
  • the gym
  • at daycare
  • at the airport
  • business meeting
    the possibilities are endless)




Uber is valued at $72 Billion, Lyft at $11 billion, going public and growing . . . .

The ridesharing industry is one of the most fast moving economies in the world and rideshare drivers are the heavy lifters that have greatly contributed to this economy. 

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about the rideshare drivers: RAD DRIVERS & luv drivers

RIDESHARE: all RAD drivers are experienced, safe drivers with good driver records. They are committed to great service, experienced rideshare drivers that work for Uber, Lyft or other TNC's.


AMERICA: Local America Drivers - You can connect with the local RAD drivers in cities , towns, rural and urban, remote and high density all across America. They all have the same basic training on how to provide local services based on the demographic of their locale.


DIRECT: you deal with RAD Drivers face to face, personal, immediate, firsthand. You can meet and connect with RAD Drivers Live, Text Mssg, Email, Chat, Messenger, Social Media or your preferred communication method.


LOCAL: LUV Drivers drive in the areas where they live, work and play. You can actually CHAT &/or MEET LUV rideshare drivers in person at your local coffee shop to CHAT, PLAN & BOOK RIDES!


UPGRADED: LUV Rideshare Drivers are the most educated, informed and local active and involved rideshare drivers you will ever encounter- they are all trained by THE LOCAL CITY-RESEARCH & INFORMATION BOSS LADY Pamela Gustava


VETTED: we do not play with vetting, it is the foundation of our business. We PAY the top background check companies to verify our rideshare drivers. Our business model is based on trust and safety, not how big we can get



DRIVING LOCAL has so many benefits; reducing city emissions, congestion, driver over saturation, carbon foot prints. The benefits; driving close to home, community involvement, rider safety, environmental accountability, the ability to create driver job stability and sustainability, cultivating and nurturing local clients and quality of work life.


PERSONALIZED SERVICE now rideshare drivers have the opportunity to create service-based relationships with local riders. Today's riders are demanding rideshare services that cater to their real needs. Riders want to go to multiple stops, to request female drivers, pick up their pets, their kids and the dry cleaning. Personalized rideshare drivers can help create more efficiency in providing rides for communities, businesses and government agencies.


SCHEDULED RIDES ensure reliability, dependability, predictability and help riders have a more stress-free life. Many riders have set appointment times, places to go on a regular basis and want to make sure they are on time for airport rides. Scheduled rides create peace of mind for riders and sustainability for drivers. Scheduled rides also help the environment by reducing idling cars driven by rideshare drivers.


training, services & opportunities to share, grow & promote




We provide the social networking platform, training, tools and promotion that enables Independent Rideshare Drivers to Book & Build a 'Repeat Riders' customer base.

'Repeat Rides' customers give drivers the opportunity to be more accountable and also provides them with more confidence in their work and income sustainability. 

'Repeat Rides' are  Local, Personalized and Scheduled rides, a Win! Win! Win! for all.

Through Rideshare Drivers University ( RDU ) we provide our excellent ongoing training and promotion via the 'Best Rideshare Driver Ever' Contest.

SHARE: The RAD information media; programs, videos, youtube shows, podcasts and countdowns and RDU training courses provides rideshare drivers with the knowledge that gives them the confidence to share their new services and valuable information and to PROMOTE themselves to potential new clients to GROW their businesses.


GROW: The very awesome 'Best Rideshare Driver Ever' Contest are ongoing challenges that provide opportunities for drivers to continually strive to provide great service, valuable, important, fun and meaningful experiences for riders and  . . .

an opportunity for 'Riders' to support local drivers and . . . . .

 The BRDE contest is the customer engagement and promotion platform that offers a variety of fun, exciting new sub-contest, challenges, polls, surveys and games. 

Rideshare Drivers earn points and badges for all of the content they partake in.

PROMOTE: the BRDE contest, challenges, surveys, game and polls offer great opportunities for drivers to share their services to GROW their customer base and PROMOTE themselves to win votes.