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10 years of rideshare growth generateD 1,000'S NEW JOBS

The growth of Uber and Lyft since 2009 have sparked, ignited and set on fire so many new innovations in Ridesharing.  These new innovations mean new technology, new companies and equal new jobs  .  . . but for who?  Rideshare Drivers have collectively driven billions of the rides that have helped this economy explode.

We see the need for Rideshare Drivers to have access to a reliable source of information that will give them the power and confidence they need to stake their claim and seat at the table of the Ridesharing Economy. The 21 Century Rideshare Driver Training is delivered to drivers in many forms from Workshops, to Bootcamps, to Hackathons aka ( Hacks ). We deliver training in quizzes, contests and challenges, on live Zoom sessions and Cool web shows.

We Match Rideshare Drivers To Jobs And Work Opportunities through 1-on-1 phone calls, Live group calls, Think Tanks, Workshops, Bootcamps and great live weekly shows on all popular social media platforms. We also help them get prepped to apply for the jobs as well We help Rideshare Drivers learn about the marketplace and how to win in this economy



Welcome to the 21C Rideshare Drivers Jobs & Work Opportunities Workshops and Hackathons These events are usually FREE Hackathons are so fun because you get to learn what jobs are on the market and you get to comment, ask questions, make suggestions and more.  They are live online group discussions.  There are basically 3 types of ridesharing services; On Demand, Scheduled and Reserved.  There are also so many new opportunities for experienced Rideshare Drivers because think about it, we are advanced service providers because we have more interaction with our riders, we are independent using our own vehicles which comes with more responsibility.  The goal of the workshops is to help Rideshare Drivers have a clear understanding on the job descriptions, qualifications, what is needed to prepare to apply and how and where to apply.  More assistance is offered in an accelerated and advanced training, which are Paid Bootcamps.



Welcome to the 21C Rideshare Drivers ( Paid) Bootcamp Series. These hands on Bootcamps, offer a strategic step by step plan to apply for jobs or to pursue work opportunities based on the '21 Money Moves Curriculum'. These Bootcamps are for the Rideshare Drivers who are ready to take a more accelerated and active role in pursuing jobs, work opportunities, contracts and who may choose to become Local Personalized Rideshare Drivers that are booking a building a 'Repeat Rider' customer base. Participants train to become more knowledgeable about the Ridesharing marketplace from a leadership vantage point. Participants pay a One Time Payment or Monthly Payment to have access to one on one live coaching, they are part of a private facebook group, they have access to weekly live meetings online to discuss strategies to obtain jobs and contracts. Many of these participants manage very large followings and communities of Rideshare Drivers