So . . . Uber is valued at $72 Billion and Lyft is going public at a proposed $15 Billion dollar valuation. The question is, how much of that value was created by the hard working Uber and Lyft Rideshare Drivers? It's time to 'Change the Money Game'. Please join us for a live show that explores the many ways Rideshare Drivers can earn money. We explore the new Ridesharing Apps that allow drivers to book on demand, scheduled and reserved rides and many other opportunities that are out there. We share tips on how Rideshare Drivers can start booking local rides. There are so many new and innovative technologies, companies, strategies, programs and initiatives that can include and involve Rideshare Drivers that are seeking alternative ways to make a living in ridesharing.


CHANGING THE MONEY GAME Feat. THE POWER PROFILE: is a show to discuss how to use the services to earn income daily. The Power PROfile is a game changer that gives drivers a social media platform where they can learn , share, grow and promote themselves to start building a steady customer base. The platform connects rideshare drivers to everything they need to be successful drivers. They get valuable and useful tools that drivers will use every day. Our training enables Uber and Lyft drivers to start booking a building a scheduled 'Repeat Rides' business.

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BEST RIDESHARE DRIVER EVER: discuss challenges, surveys, polls, surveys, games, prizes and points


RIDE BOOKERS BOOT CAMP: Intro into daily Booking & Building a 'Repeat Riders' Customer Base-Workshop


RIDE BOOKING APPS/COMPLIANCE: Onboarding Set Up/Q&A for: Ride Booking Apps and Platforms-Workshop


HEY AMERICA, WHERE ARE YOU GOING? connecting local drivers to local riders to go to local places


CLEAN AIR DRIVERS/EV BLUES! Training on Presenting EV411/101 feat. EV Rideshare Drivers (Workshop)


'change the money game' - 1st up coming show topics /2019

7 Top Reasons why the #Go Rideshare Local challenge gives Rideshare Drivers a new way to make money

10 Ways to use the Power PROfile Tools to share with friends/family, co workers and new customers

12 Ways to Share & Promote the Power PROfile Tools to start booking local scheduled rides

10 Places in your city to start booking local scheduled rides, contact and approach new customers

Exploring & testing new alternative ridesharing platforms for on demand, scheduled & reserved rides

10 Ways to start branching out to plan, develop and pursue more long term income sources

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